Maricopa County

Enter applicable data, starting with acreage, to generate a fee estimate. Since each project may require more or fewer drainage inspections, this is only an estimate.

Total # of Acres    
Total of cut plus fill (cu yds)  
Number of pages to be reviewed  
Approved engineer's cost estimate
or project assurance bond
Linear foot for early pavement cut fee
(if applicable)
(linear ft.)  
Retaining Walls 0‐2' HT (linear ft.)  
Retaining Walls 2‐4' HT (linear ft.)  
Retaining Walls 4-6' HT (linear ft.)  
Retaining Walls > 6' HT (linear ft.)  
Chain Link (linear ft.)  
CMU 4" block 6' or less HT (linear ft.)  
CMU 4" block > 6' HT (linear ft.)  
CMU 8" block or other (linear ft.)  
Wrought Iron (linear ft.)  
Iron Wood (linear ft.)  
Wood (linear ft.)  
3 Strand Barbed Wire (linear ft.)  
Rail Fencing (linear ft.)  
Total Fee Estimate:

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