Maricopa County

New Single Family Residence, Accessory, or Addition Estimator

This tool is only for properties in which the use and zoning are classified as residential. Only one permit is considered in the estimate. If there are multiple permits on the same property, submitted at the same time, those subsequent permits may be at a reduced fee as one overall Zoning and Drainage Review will be performed on the site plan.
For this permit type please enter the area using whole numbers.
Enter the size of the Living Area (sq. ft.)  
Enter the Area of the Garage (sq. ft.)  
Enter the Area of the Porch, Patio (sq. ft.)  
Enter the area of the Patio, if METAL (Alumawood, Metal USA) (sq. ft.)  
Select a type of Structure  
Select the most appropriate drainage Condition  
Check the box if there is an open violation

Total Fee Estimate:

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